Stresses create tremendous risks and opportunities. Managed well, stresses can elevate Purpose, but handled poorly they will destroy trust.

When stresses occur in a business, it is nearly impossible to pause long enough to systematically work through the impact your actions will have on each of your stakeholders. Most likely you and your team simply flip into crisis mode and focus on addressing the immediate issue. However, there’s a way to plan ahead so that your crisis mode can be more strategic.

Stress testing enables you to respond to challenging situations with forethought so that your actions are consistent with purpose, align stakeholders, and strengthen your brand and culture.

Let us help you anticipate issues that may have significant future impact on your business and better prepare yourself and your team to handle stressful situations.

You’ll identify the key risks and uncertainties that could impact your business, create scenarios based on these uncertainties that you can use to identify opportunities, and develop plans, identifying triggers and actions that will ensure you respond on purpose when stresses or changes materialize.