Businesses are the best institutions, and possibly the only ones with sufficient resources and capabilities, to solve the major global issues we face. You recognize it and want to contribute in a significant way. You know your company can make a difference and win in the marketplace.

You recognize that values, in addition to price and quality, are now a key determining factor in purchase decisions. You see companies with clear purpose consistently outperform their competitors because they create meaningful connection with people by solving problems. But you need help clarifying your company’s purpose and aligning people and activities against the right issues.

We can help you engage your stakeholders and understand their experiences, beliefs and aspirations. Through stories, interviews, workshops and research, we’ll guide you as you uncover and articulate your company’s purpose.

As you Discover Purpose, you will find the overlap and balance between your organization at its best and a social issue it can address.  You will develop one or more draft statements of purpose that articulate this balance. Through the validation process, you will then test and refine your hypotheses until you capture your purpose clearly, in a way that matters to the people who matter to you.